Maximise rooftop energy production with this high-efficiency N-Type panel. This new technology has improved the temperature coefficient by up to 15% over PERC panels.




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high efficiency residential solar system

N-Type Bi-Facial Technology

These panels, with their N-type topcon cells and dual-glass construction, are revolutionising the industry with a range of advantages over standard panels. Their enhanced durability, improved energy conversion efficiency, seamless aesthetic integration, fire resistance, efficient heat dissipation, recyclability, and advanced temperature coefficients make them a compelling choice for both commercial and residential systems. 


More Efficient

The high efficiency of N-type topcon solar cells is due to their unique design, which reduces recombination losses and increases the amount of light that is absorbed by the cell, while the absence of a traditional backsheet eliminates potential energy losses caused by light reflection or absorption. 

The dual-glass construction of these panels facilitates improved heat dissipation from the solar cells. The glass layers act as effective heat sinks, allowing for efficient transfer of heat away from the cells. Additionally, N-type topcon solar cells come with PID-free and LID-free attributes and are less sensitive to temperature variations, reducing the impact of temperature on the panel’s performance and efficiency. 


high efficiency residential solar system

About the WST-435 NGX-D3


Temperature Co-Efficient

By mitigating the negative effects of heat, glass-on-glass panels ensure optimal power output even in challenging hot climate conditions. The change from PERC to TOPCon improves the temperature coefficient by another 15% – from 0.35%/°C to 0.30%/°C. Starting from a standardized wattage of 430 watts, TOPCon modules deliver over 3% more power.

Enhanced Durability and Longevity

The glass-on-glass construction significantly improves the panels’ durability, making them highly resistant to moisture, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations. By eliminating potential vulnerabilities such as delamination and corrosion, glass-on-glass panels offer a longer lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring greater customer satisfaction with long-term performance.

WST-410MGX 410 watt solar panel

WST-NGX-D3 N-Type Bifacial Glass-Glass Series

435 Watt high-yield panel design for commercial and residential owners

Solar Rooftop WINAICO

Up to 30-year Warranty & 2 years System Insurance 

Peace of Mind is guaranteed with the greatest solar module protection in Australia. The 30-Year Product and Performance Warranty is the legal assurance that your panels will perform for their lifetime on your home or business.

This is on top of our complimentary 2-year (extendable to 5 years) insurance policy which covers the whole system against damage, loss of power and loss of income.

Our office is based in Australia, so you know if anything goes wrong, we’re here for you.

The Glass

The glass closes the front protecting the internal components. It must be resistant to impacts and scratching to allow maximum power generation.

WINAICO only uses highly transmissive glass with a low iron content and anti-reflective coating, ensuring maximum absorption in low light. Our glass is extensively tested to resist mechanical loads and temperature changes.


The Frame

The frame holds the panel together. It protects the internal components, taking the stress of mechanical loads.

WINAICO’s frame maximises stability and protection against material fatigue. Built without screws or small L-keys, our strengthened corner pieces ensure the best transfer of tension.

The Cells

The characteristics of a solar panel are determined by the quality of the cells.

WINAICO’s GEMINI technology uses high-efficiency half-cut solar cells with 16BB to reduce internal resistance and conduction losses. The results are highly efficient solar cells with low working temperature and low power degradation.

The Junction Box

A GEMINI module uses 3 High Quality junction boxes to hold bypass diodes that protect the module against partial shading.

WINAICO uses IP68 junction boxes with genuine MC4 EVO2 connectors to provide optimum protection against moisture, dirt and UV radiation. You can be confident that nothing gets into a WINAICO Junction Box.

The EVA Film

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) films are used in lamination to encapsulate the internal components.

EVA film must protect the panel throughout its entire service life. Low quality films may discolour, delaminate or otherwise degrade. WINAICO films cross-link to at least 85%, a decisive indicator of quality, and ensure permanent protection of the cells.


WINAICO’s Glass-Glass NGX series panels represent a new era in solar technology, especially for Australian conditions where resilience against extreme weather is crucial. These panels have undergone rigorous testing to ensure unmatched safety and performance. WINAICO’s Glass-Glass NGX series panels are not just powerful but also exceptionally safe and durable, perfect for Australian conditions prone to bushfires, cyclones, and hailstorms.

Rigorous Fire Resistance Testing: Glass-on-glass panels inherently offer superior fire resistance compared to standard panels as the glass encapsulation acts as a protective barrier.

WINAICO’s NGX series bifacial solar panels meet the stringent International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61730 fire safety standards, where a burning brand is placed on the module surface for 90 minutes. They also surpass the Italian-designed UNI 9177 and 9174 fire certifications, involving radiative heat application on the module’s back, simulating intense nearby fires. Achieving Level 1 results in these tests, WINAICO’s panels demonstrate exceptional resistance to flame spread, afterglow, and fire-induced debris.


 Cyclone Resilience: Collaborating with SECA, our NGX modules were tested under conditions mimicking cyclonic forces. They exhibited remarkable strength under test pressures of 8.5 kPa, certified for a design pressure of 5.82 kPa, making them suitable for installation in severe cyclonic regions (Region D) and on buildings exceeding three floors.

Hail Durability: WINAICO leads the industry in hail testing, successfully passing TÜV-Rheinland’s rigorous hail test, which involves striking the panels with larger and faster-moving ice balls, simulating four times the kinetic energy of standard tests.

Salt Mist and Ammonia Resistance: The panels are certified to Level 6 for salt mist corrosion (IEC 61701), indicating the highest level of resistance against sea-salt mist and ammonia, making them ideal for coastal, mining, and farming installations.

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Ammonia & Salt Mist Resistant

Hail Resistant

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