Experience the WINAICO Difference

Having the Power to Perform

WINAICO is built on a foundation of quality and performance. We design our products with the most advanced technology designs to ensure that our customers are receiving the optimal solution. The design choices that we make are focused on the performance and longevity of solar modules.

Our modules are perfect for Australian conditions with additional protection from coastal erosion, dust and extreme storms. In cases when that's not enough, WINAICO provides a free comprehensive insurance policy on all our panels to ensure that they will always be protected.

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Performs in Weak Light

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Salt Spray Resistance

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Hail Resistance

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Individually Tested

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Hot-Spot Protection

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Low Series Resistance

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Complimentary Insurance Cover

In addition to stress testing our modules to extreme conditions, all panels sold in Australia come with a comprehensive insurance policy. The insurance is additional protection on top of the advanced performance and product warranties that are offered by WINAICO on its products.

Very few solar manufacturers back their products in this way. Not only will the insurance cover the physical operation of the solar system, but the policy will also provide financial relief to ensure you will never be out of pocket.

WINAICO products will protect you from all physical risks with its complementary 2-year insurance cover. The policy can even be extended to 5 years to make sure your system capital investment is well protected. To find out more on our insurance policy, click here.

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Market Leading Warranty Cover

WINAICO products are built to withstand all that the environment can throw at them. Our advanced stress testing shown above demonstrates our assurance that every module manufactured will be ready for the Australian environment. WINAICO provides two warranty policies that ensure your solar system will withstand the tests of time.

Our 25-year performance warranty means our panels will have the long-term capacity to operate and the 25-year product warranty means that our modules will be free from all defects. Knowing that your system will be covered from any manufacturing faults will provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve when installing a solar system.

Electro-Luminescence Checked
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Award Winning Reputation

Engineering design is not just our only focus. WINAICO is based around using a trusted network of installation partners around the globe. By selecting only reliable installers in our partner program, we can ensure that WINAICO's products are always a part of quality installations.

EuPD Research is an independent research institute in Europe dedicated to providing long-term global solar market analysis. Since 2010 the "Top Brand PV Seal" has been awarded based off extensive research and market consultation by EuPD. The mark reflects real-life approval from owners of solar systems after installation.

It is a privilege to be awarded the EuPDs "Top Brand PV" Award again in 2020 in Australia for the third year in a row. Our Trusted Partner program is also operating in countries such as Germany, the United States, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan. We will continue to operate through a reliable installation program to ensure brand recognition and quality for years into the future.

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Think that WINAICO is the right choice for you? Click here to find some of our closest Trusted Installation Partners.

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