25 Year Product Warranty Registration

Understanding the Registration Process

The WINAICO 25-year extended product warranty provides you with the essential protection you need for your solar modules. In addition to our 25-year performance guarantee warranty and complimentary insurance policy, WINAICO ensures peace of mind.

Once the modules are installed we ask that you fill out the product warranty registration process to receive the 25-years protection. This easy-to-complete form will take less than 5 minutes and adds the extra layer of protection for your system.

To assist you with the form, WINAICO has made a few resources available to use. A PDF and Powerpoint presentation will provide clarity to all sections of the registration. Below is short slideshow to demonstrate the process.


If you have any issues, please feel free to contact our team. We encourage engagement with our installers and PV System owners. For the last three years WINAICO has been awarded the EuPD Top PV Brand Award for module reliability, customer engagement and interaction with the community.

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