Warranty Claim: Next Step

Thank You for your Assistance

We have generated a new case for this issue and an email will be sent to you by our team.

In order to fully process the claim we will need a few images for the review. We require that you reply to the warranty email sent to you with those images attached.

To correctly review the process, we need a minimum of three photos. If there are issues such as performance issues please attach them as well. Feel free to provide more photos if available.

Minimum three photos for submission:

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Serial Number

We require the a photo of the serial number of the module with the assigned issue. It needs to be legible so ensure a good quality photo is attached.

The Serial Number can be found on the front and back of the panel. Either photo is acceptable

panel in array
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Panel in Array

The second photo is how the panel is Incorporated into the array.

Please indicate which panel has the issue in the photo. An example of how to identify which panel has the issue is on the left.

Photo of Problem Area
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Photo of Issue

Finally, please attach the image of the panel issue. An example is the hot spot on the panel in the image on the left.

For non physical concerns such as PID or Low Performance issue,  please send images of the panels performance across the array.

Please attach those emails as a reply to the email generated for this case. It may appear in you Junk mail so please check there also.

If you have any problems with the process do not hesitate to contact us on email (australia@winaico.com) or by phone (+61 2 8091 2771)

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