15-Year Product Warranty & 25-Year Performance Warranty

Our 15-year product warranty includes parts and labour to replace or repair any system components which are faulty by design or manufacture such as cells, junction boxes, glass and frames.

The 25 year linear performance warranty guarantees your yield at 97% in the first year, dropping by less than 0.7% each year to 25 years, ensuring your system will still be outputting at least 80% yield a full 25 years after your system was installed.

Out of 70MW of solar panels installed in Australia, only .01% have had a warranty claim made against them. We turn all warranty claims around within one week ensuring your system is back up and running as soon as possible.

Australian Consumer Law

While all solar systems these days come with some warranty, many Australian's have been stung to find out that warranties issued by foreign entities do not need to comply with Australian Consumer Law.

WINAICO's warranty is  backed by an Australian entity, so you are covered by Australian consumer law and backed up by a financially sound business that will be around for the long-term.