Warehouse Packing Guide

Packing and Transport

  • If in doubt treat a solar panel like a piece of glass
  • Pallets can be stacked 1 on 1 in transit
  • Panels are upright in boxes
    • Impacts to boxes damage panels (e.g. forklift tines)

Split Pallet Packing

When split pallet orders are required please note:

  • Panels are safer in a box – strapping panels to one side is the preferred option if the order is close to a full box
    • A hole can be punched in both sides of the box to strap the panels to one side of the box
    • Boxes are not attached to the pallet, care should be taken so half full pallet do not tip in transit
  • If flat packing is required
    • Avoid stacking more than 15 modules
    • Avoid putting pressure on glass – all weight must go through the frames
    • Frames do not grip – any horizontal panels must be strapped to prevent slippage
Strapped split pallet

Strapping Requirements

  • Panels should be strapped upright
  • Top pallet should be covered with cardboard
  • Strapping must be done with a mechanical strapper – hand straps are not strong enough
  • 2 Tight straps should be placed on both the long edge and the short edge of the pallets
  • Cardboard corners help prevent sideways movement


Full pallets can be stacked 1 on 1. Nothing should be stacked on splits pallets/loose modules.

Equipment Checklist

Items we need you to have:

  • Equipment to move pallets (forklift + pallet jacks etc)
  • Mechanical strapping tool
  • Shrink wrap/plastic wrap for pallets

Winaico to assist is supplying:

  • Barcode scanner
  • Spare Solar Pallets
  • 2 panel boxes for small orders