Utility Solar

Boasting an impressive 710 Watts per panel, this HJT Panel provides the most reliable and cost effective solution due to it’s bifacial glass-glass design. This large panel reduces the balance of systems, which means less mounting hardware to save on costs. 


Bifacial Glass-Glass Design

The Bifacial glass-glass design of WINAICOs Utility Panels is at the cutting edge of PV technology bringing you a 710 Watt panel with a bifacial gain of up to 20%. Bifacial panels have increased durability and longevity as they do not contain a polymer backsheet. These panels maximize light absorption, increasing the overall energy conversion efficiency. This feature allows more sunlight to reach the solar cells, optimizing power generation. The glass layers act as effective heat sinks, allowing for efficient transfer of heat away from the cells. The lower operating temperatures reduce the impact of temperature on the panel’s performance and efficiency to deliver optimal power output even in challenging hot climate conditions.


Temperature Co-efficient of -0.26% per Degree


Bifacial gain of up to 20%


No Light-Induced Degradation


Broader Light Spectrum for Greater Yield

710 Watts Per Panel

These large utility panels measure a large 1303mm x 2384mm with an output of 710 watts, ideal for single-axis tracking systems and fixed arrays. Due the large size and high power output of these panels, solar farms are able to reduce the cost and timeline of the implementation by reducing the number of panels needed to achieve the desired power output. This also reduces the balance of system and number of penetration points needed.


HJT Utility Panel

Designed for versatility, the 710W panel is ideal for single-axis tracking systems and fixed arrays. Its size and output make it a perfect fit for solar farms looking to streamline their implementation process while maximising energy production.