Anyone who lives in a coastal area can see how corrosive salt spray can be. A solar system is a long term investment, and you want to be confident that your panels can resist salt corrosion, and continue to perform for years to come.

All WINAICO panels are rigorously tested in accordance with the international standard for salt mist corrosion (IEC 61701). WINAICO completed additional voluntary testing with the Taiwain VPC Authority. The test includes extremely high exposure to salt mist for over 56 days. The optional test demonstrates no significant change in electrical performance and no changes to the exterior of the modules.

If you live near the ocean, you need assurance that your solar will last. Our additional testing reflects WINAICO's guarantee for long-term performance of solar in coastal areas.

Performs in Weak Light
Water Drainage
Salt Spray Resistance
Individually Tested
Hail Resistance
Hot-Spot Protection
PID Resistance
Low Series Resistance
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