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Rugged Corners

WINAICO's WST modules are built with rigid internal L-keys creating one of the strongest panels on the market.

We've worked with leading research institutes to continually test and improve mechanical resilience. Our frame is capable of bearing more than 1030kg of snow and can withstand winds up to 220km/hour.

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Automation & Testing

Our state-of-the-art automated production line with precision instruments is overseen by technical experts resulting in the highest quality panels.

Our panels are tested with electro-luminescence equipment which checks for defects that cannot be seen with the naked eye before and after lamination for consistent excellence.

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Award-Winning Technology

Highly awarded and recognised as one of the top brands in Australia, WINAICO panels consistently outperform others in independent testing such as Desert Knowledge. Awards include:

  • Top Solar Products (Solar Power World)
  • Tier 1 Manufacturer (Bloomberg)
  • The Taiwan Excellent PV Award (ITRI)
  • Top brand certification (EUPD Research, 2018)
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High Efficiency Cells

To achieve quality you have to start with quality, which is why our cells are made in Taiwan, home of the semi-conductor.

WINAICO selects only the mono crystalline cells from premium manufacturers with PID-free technology and an anti-reflective coating resulting in the highest efficiency modules. Minimal variance prevents hot spots and gives high yield in low light conditions.

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3-in-1 Insurance Policy

Our 3-in-1 insurance provides security to your investment. All WINAICO modules include 2 years free insurance coverage, extendable to 5.

This protects the complete installation, from construction stage, against any kind of material damage including fire, natural disasters such as storms and hail, theft and even animal damage.


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The Glass

The glass closes the front protecting the internal components. It must be resistant to impacts and scratching to allow maximum power generation.

WINAICO only uses highly transmissive glass with a low iron content and anti-reflective coating, ensuring maximum absorption in low light. Our glass is extensively tested to resist mechanical loads and temperature changes.

The Frame

The frame holds the panel together. It protects the internal components, taking the stress of mechanical loads.

WINAICO’s frame maximises stability and protection against material fatigue. Built without screws or small L-keys, our corner pieces ensure the best transfer of tension with drainage channels to avoid water and dust build up.

The Cells

Solar cells are what convert sunlight into electricity. The characteristics of a solar panel are determined by the quality of the cells. WINAICO only uses highly efficient cells with the lowest possible variance in the manufacturing process, both in their electrical output and consistency of colour. WINAICO is very careful with its choice of cells and reject any that do not meet our high standards.

The Junction Box

The Junction Box houses the electrical components. It contains diodes which protect the module against partial shading issues.

WINAICO’s Junction Boxes are rated at the protection class IP67, so provide optimum protection against moisture, dirt and UV radiation. You can be confident that nothing is getting into a WINAICO Junction Box.

The EVA Film

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) films are used in lamination to encapsulate the internal components.

EVA film must protect the panel throughout its entire service life. Low quality films may discolour, delaminate or otherwise degrade. WINAICO films cross-link to at least 85%, a decisive indicator of quality, and ensure permanent protection of the cells.

The Backsheet

The backsheet is the physical and electrical barrier which protects the solar cells, wiring and other components. 

We only use high PET backsheets, renowned for their excellent weather resistance. Our suppliers have proven their capabilities to provide reliable protection throughout the entire 25 year service life of a solar panel. 

WST-310M6 in Action

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