WINAICO Australia has three products perfectly suited to the Australian market. Ranging from 333 to 375 watt panels, each of our products is carefully designed and selected to offer the very best performance and design.

Photovoltaic modules are subjected to severe environmental conditions over the course of their 25 years or more of operation. Come hail, snow or heat, photovoltaic modules need to permanently deliver peak performance in order to achieve good profits. The use of high-quality components is key to this. At WINAICO we only ever use first-class, weatherproof components from market leaders who are the best of the best

Exceeds IEC Test by 300%

Multi-Award Winning

Established for 10 Years

Direct from the Manufacturer


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The Glass

The glass closes the front protecting the internal components. It must be resistant to impacts and scratching to allow maximum power generation.

WINAICO only uses highly transmissive glass with a low iron content and anti-reflective coating, ensuring maximum absorption in low light. Our glass is extensively tested to resist mechanical loads and temperature changes.

The Frame

The frame holds the panel together. It protects the internal components, taking the stress of mechanical loads.

WINAICO’s frame maximises stability and protection against material fatigue. Built without screws or small L-keys, our corner pieces ensure the best transfer of tension.

The Cells

The characteristics of a solar panel are determined by the quality of the cells.

WINAICO's GEMINI technology uses high-efficiency half-cut solar cells with 9BB to reduce internal resistance and conduction losses. The results are highly efficient solar cells with low working temperature and low power degradation.

The Junction Box

A GEMINI module uses 3 in 1 junction boxes to hold bypass diodes that protect the module against partial shading.

WINAICO uses IP68 junction boxes with genuine MC4 connectors to provide optimum protection against moisture, dirt and UV radiation. You can be confident that nothing gets into a WINAICO Junction Box.

The EVA Film

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) films are used in lamination to encapsulate the internal components.

EVA film must protect the panel throughout its entire service life. Low quality films may discolour, delaminate or otherwise degrade. WINAICO films cross-link to at least 85%, a decisive indicator of quality, and ensure permanent protection of the cells.

The Backsheet

The backsheet is the physical and electrical barrier which protects the solar cells, wiring and other components. 

WINAICO uses a combination of UV and temperature cycling tests to validate the backsheets for reliable protection throughout the entire 25 year service life of a solar panel. 



The WST series represent the most accessible product in the GEMINI Range.

At 370W, this elegant panel offers a perfect mix of high energy density and superb value for money.

WST-370MG Full Black


Pure aesthetics meet performance.

The Full Black series has been WINAICO's go-to product chosen by architects and modern design specialists. The award-winning modules are an optimal blend of WINAICO power and looks.



The most designer-friendly product in the WINAICO Range.

At 333W, you don't need complex calculations to work out the capacity of a Residential roof.

Quality Product Features

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Performs in Weak Light

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Salt Spray Resistance

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Hail Resistance

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Individually Tested

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Hot-Spot Protection

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Low Series Resistance

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Cutting Edge Technology

The solar cells are crucial for the module’s output. WINAICO selects only solar cells with the highest efficiency level. An anti-reflective coating and degradation-free technologies increase the cells’ efficiency and ensure long-term reliability.

In order to spread the load on the cells in the module evenly, WINAICO selects cells with minimal variance before production and thus avoids localised thermal loads (hotspots) and achieves a high energy yield even in poor light conditions.

solar module low light performance
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