Direct From the Manufacturer

Direct to Our Customers

By cutting out distributors we deliver our products directly to roofers, installers, solar technicians, solar specialists and project managers, with whom we maintain close, long-term partnerships for sustainable growth. All of our products are manufactured on our own production facilities and are subject to the highest quality standards. An in-house laboratory tests each module to German TÜV standards ensuring long-term, stable yields from quality modules.
WINAICO guarantees you faultless module delivery and avoids drops in performance as a result of mechanical damage through proper module packaging. All modules are manufactured on our own production facilities at our headquarters located in Taiwan and delivered from there to our worldwide subsidiaries. WINAICO takes over the entire logistics to the end customer thus guaranteeing the traceability of the modules. We monitor the production process and flow of each module and ensuring the high quality of our modules.
Performs in Weak Light
Water Drainage
Salt Spray Resistance
Individually Tested
Hail Resistance
Hot-Spot Protection
PID Resistance
Low Series Resistance

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