Solar Insurance Designed to Eliminate All Risks

In addition to an industry-leading 25-Year Product Warranty and 25-Year linear performance Warranty, WINAICO is one of the only solar panel manufacturers to provide you with the long-term reassurance and support of complementary system insurance policy. All of our modules automatically come with this comprehensive insurance policy, which covers you against any loss due to material damage, interruption of service or reduced yield for the first two years.

You can choose to extend this policy up to a total of five years for a small additional cost. Your policy will not be cancelled in the event of a claim and is held directly with Willis Towers Watson, one of the largest insurers in the world. WINAICO is a financially sound solar manufacturer who will provide you with local support for the lifetime of your investment.

WINAICO Partners

Your complimentary 2-year insurance policy is registered at the same time as your 25 year warranty.

If you are interested in an extended insurance policy please email australia@winaico.com for more details.

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