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Understanding the Value of Solar Insurance: A Closer Look at WINAICO’s 3-in-1 Policy

Solar installations are significant investments for homeowners and businesses. However, external factors can impact the efficiency and output of these systems.

Solar Power in Extreme Weather: Ensuring Your System’s Resilience in the Australian Climate

Australia’s diverse climate, known for its extremities, poses unique challenges. Ensuring your solar panels can withstand extreme weather conditions is essential.

Ensuring Safety Against Fires: WINAICO’s Certified Solar Modules

In an age where solar energy is increasingly becoming a staple in Australian homes, ensuring the safety of solar modules against the risk of fire is paramount.

Solar Panel Validation

Solar Panel Validation

WINAICO is proud to be one of the first solar manufacturers to develop the Solar Panel Validation Initiative with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER).

Genuine MC4 vs MC4 Evo 2 Connectors?

Genuine MC4 vs MC4 Evo 2 Connectors?

The new MC4 Evo2 connectors are on the Gemini Series. So the question for our installers is, are they compatible with the previous Genuine MC4 connectors? Yes.

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