All panels should be adequately grounded to ensure safety during lightning storms and rare electrical events with the solar panels. The panels come with grounding holes to allow a safe connection without the need to drilling into the panel.

However, an exposed wire can simulate a panel grounding and create an earth fault in the system.



Water Resistance and Gaps

All solar panels made by WINAICO come with a Male and Female MC4 or QC4 connector. These connections are designed to be IP68 Water resistant rating, allowing water immersion for short periods of time but should be avoided for prolonged periods. Ensure that the connections are joined, with an audible click at installation and no gap like the following image.


Bending Near Connectors

Bending at the near the connectors should be avoided. This may lead to premature fraying and exposure, reducing the lifetime of the system. Ensure that bends of the wires have are sufficiently away from intersection point of the wire and the connectors as in the following image.



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