Solar modules start to generate electricity as soon as they are exposed to light. It is hazardous to your health to touch a module with a voltage of 30 volts or more. Every series or parallel connection of the modules increases the voltage or electric current respectively. Series connection of more than two solar modules can generate life-threatening voltages. The fully insulated plug-in contacts do provide insulation protection. 

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Do Not…

Our products come with associated warning notices to help avoid any injury when handling our products.

However, DO NOT:

  • Insert electrically conductive parts into the plugs and sockets.
  • Install solar modules and wiring with wet plugs and sockets
  • Operate Solar Modules without proper experience
  • Install without Safety Equipment
  • Install without switching off isolators/breakers and inverter

It is important to also take into account the inverters instructions. For your safety and electrical risk never install in wet conditions or with wet tools/machinery.



Protect the modules from incorrect handling.

  • Avoid putting any weight on the panel or sudden drop
  • Modification of panels can only be done with written confirmation.
  • Keep all contacts clean and dry.
  • Note solar panel Serial Numbers down.
  • Do not expose to constant water expose (fountain or end of a dock)
  • Do not expose to constant unusual loads (Manufacturer Plant Emissions)
  • Avoid concentrated light on parts of the panel
  • If connected to a battery, observe installation requirements of the manufacturer

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