Transport & Storage


Check the shipment immediately upon delivery to ensure completeness and integrity. Note any damage on the driver’s consignment note and inform WINAICO in writing immediately. The utmost care is required when handling the modules.
Take care when transporting, storing and unpacking them, please see the caution on the module carton. For your safety, do not disassemble or modify the WINAICO PV modules in any way.

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Stack labels

Storage Instructions

•Secure boxes in transit to avoid collisions or impacts during transportation.
• Do not drop, handle with care during transportation.
• Store the modules safely in cool and dry rooms. The cardboard box is not weatherproof!
• Leave modules in their packaging until they are to be installed.
• Do not stack more than 2 pallets high.
• Do not set the modules down roughly on hard ground and the module corners.

Product Descriptions

A technical summary of our current range of products available

Clamping Zones

Short outline of the best places to clamp

Mounting Guide

Do’s and Don’t for installing a system

Wiring Guide

The correct way to wire up the panels into an array


Notice for risks for installing any solar panels. Please Read


How our warranty will protect you

Transport & Storage

Outlines our recommendations for getting the panels to site

Unpacking & Handling

Unboxing and working with your panels

Cleaning & Maintenance

All installed? This is what we recommend to get the most out of the panels