Product Descriptions

Product Description

WINAICO Solar Panels are industry leaders with performance and power. Market defining efficiency and reliability are two of the key design aspects of our modules.

Below is a quick summary of our current range of products for 2020. If you would like more details on them please click on their respective links.

If you are interested in our legacy products click here to view all previous datasheets.

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Power and Performance

WINAICO's patented drain edge technology, Black anodised aluminium frames, Higher power solar cells, Salt Mist and Ammonia Protection, Low light capability and 25 Year Performance Warranty.

2 years complimentary insurance for extended piece of mind

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WSP-325MX Black

The Architects Dream.

All Black Design,  glossy final product, WINAICO patented drainage corners, Black Anodised Framing, 25 Year Performance Warranty.

2-year complimentary insurance to provide extended piece of mind.

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Perfect All-Rounder, WINAICO Design with Greater Value.

Monocrystalline High-Efficiency Silicon Cells, Advanced Square Cut Cells Technique, The Black Anodised Frame, All-weather tested, Weak-light performance, 25 Year Performance Warranty

This panel also comes with our 2 year complimentary insurance for extended piece of mind.

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Product Classification

All our panels are named based on performance and composition. This enables more accurate identification of product.

The following image can be used to decode past, present and future names of WINAICO solar panels.

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Panel Dimensions

This online tool is to provide installers with a more accessible summary of our WINAICO Installation Manual. Information provided should act as a guide only. If there is confusion, the PDF Installation Manual must be the main source for clarification.

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