Mounting Guide

Mounting Guide

If you would like a shortcut for reviewing where you can put clamps on WINAICO Modules, please Click Here.

For certain panel mounting we have developed some Do's and Don't for installation

Orientation and Tilt Tables

We have generated a summary of performance for different mounting tilts and orientations for 5 of Australian Cities. Click to Review those Tables.

For the 5 chosen locations, you can calculate how close to max power your system will be for given orientations and tilts.



Siting Guidelines

A few guidelines around the requirements for solar installations:

  • Do not install in water or in areas experiencing constant spray (ie water fountains)
  • Do not expose to concentrated sunlight
  • Avoid locations in direct exposure to corrosive compounds
  • Avoid or minimise shading that can obscure the effectiveness of the array?
  • Ensure no naked flames will be present for your safety and the design capabilities of the modules.
  • Ensure that the panels will not exceed the designed temperature range for you panels (-40 C to 85 C)


Coastal Locations

WINAICO panels are tested for salt mist resistance so are suitable for seaside installation, not including marine platforms or areas with direct contact with salt water. 

As a rule of thumb, please see the following photo of beautiful Coffs Harbour:

Coffs Harbour Photo
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This online tool is to provide installers with a more accessible summary of our WINAICO Installation Manual. Information provided should act as a guide only. If there is confusion, the PDF Installation Manual must be the main source for clarification.

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