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The 3 in 1  Insurance policy is a clear Stand-out of WINAICO's Solar Panels in the Australian Market. The complimentary policy is a testament to our motto "Power to Perform" and WINAICO is one of the only a handful of manufacturer to provide Insurance complimentary with any solar purchase.

Insurance for Customers is managed by Willis Holdings for the customer. The policy comes with 2 years complimentary cover and an additional 3 years (total of 5) if purchased at the installation date.

The insurance will cover the solar panels, meters, DC and AC cables, substation, instrumentation and control components. This policy is not warranty related and can cover your system beyond standard Solar Panel practice. The 3 sections of protection for this insurance policy is outlined here:

1. All-Risk Insurance

This section outlines and unforeseen physical damage/description of all assets. Items covered include:

  • Fire, Lightning, Explosions, Heat Damage, Glimmering, Scorching or Glowing or Implosion
  • Natural events (i.e. Storm, Hail, Snow Load, Frost, Tsunami)
  • Electric Short circuit, Voltage Surge, Induction
  • Water, Damp Components, flooding
  • Robbery, Burglary, Sabotage, Vandalism
  • Operator Control Error, Accidental Error, Negligence
  • Material, Design and execution faults
  • Force Majeure
  • Animal Bite
  • Save

2. Interruption of Service Insurance

Any loss of income from Feed-in Tariff will be reimbursed if technical operation of the photovoltaic plant is interrupted or impaired by damage or loss.

This section of the policy is extremely valuable for commercial systems, which will provide a form of income from solar for the customer until the system is operational again (up to 12 months).

3. Insurance Against Reduced Yield

This covers the performance of the system beyond those stimulated in the 25 year performance warranty. If the annual yield of the insured plant falls short of the forecast by more than 10%, the shortfall is reimbursed by the insurer.

Causes of reduced yield include:

  • Global Irradiation less than forecast (expert assessment)
  • Defects in the plant (material faults)
  • Unusual wear and tear or soiling of the plant and components
  • Internal malfunction of modules or components (inverter)
  • Grid disconnects by power utility.

This online tool is to provide installers with a more accessible summary of our WINAICO Installation Manual. Information provided should act as a guide only. If there is confusion, the PDF Installation Manual must be the main source for clarification.

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