Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning Recommendations

Cleaning Solar Modules is a useful habit to ensure the maximum performance of your solar panels. Thin layers of dust or buildup will limit the potential energy that can be captured by the silicon cells.

The frequency of cleaning is dependent on a variety of geographical and climate factors. WINAICO recommends a clean every 6 months but please refer to the following image as a guide:

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After a system is installed, it is important to ensure that the array is periodically checked. This is to check for faults that can develop over the lifetime of a solar system. A few of these include:

  • Deteriorating Cabling
  • Corrosion of wires
  • Birds underneath system or Animal Bites
  • Rare Weather events (Storms, Bush Fires, Hail, Lightning)
  • DC Isolator fire
  • Water egress
  • Defective electrical components

Many of these are covered by the WINAICO Insurance Policy.

It is recommended that these systems are checked every 3-5 years for some of these faults.

This online tool is to provide installers with a more accessible summary of our WINAICO Installation Manual. Information provided should act as a guide only. If there is confusion, the PDF Installation Manual must be the main source for clarification.

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