Clamping Zones

Clamping Zones

WINAICO modules are suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation methods due to their high degree of stability. The modules must be clamped in place at a minimum of 4 points. The modules must always be installed with the junction box either parallel with the ground if mounted horizontally, or at the top of a panel if situated vertically (see image below for reference).

If you have any questions regarding the mounting specified or require clarification, call us at 8091 277.


Mounting Clips

The middle clamps can be used as spacers between the module rows when mounting the modules. To avoid any possible stresses and failure to comply with dimensions, a gap should be maintained between the module rows. WINAICO recommends a gap of approximately 2 cm but please refer to your mounting systems installation manuals.

For aesthetic reasons we recommend using black clamps for mounting our module series with black anodised frame and black backsheet. Do not touch  live terminals with bare hands, and always use insulated tools for electrical connections.

Clamp Mount

This online tool is to provide installers with a more accessible summary of our WINAICO Installation Manual. Information provided should act as a guide only. If there is confusion, the PDF Installation Manual must be the main source for clarification.

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