How to Choose the Best Solar Panels?

Who to Trust With Your Solar Investment

Buying a new solar system is a big investment, and not one that should be taken lightly. It can be hard to know who to trust to make sure you are making the best decisions about which system to buy and who should install it for you. We recommend you always do your own research. Here are some things to look into;

  • Ask your installer:
    • Why did they choose these components instead of other options?
    • Where do the components come from?
    • How do existing systems like this perform?
    • How much power will my system produce?
    • What will be the financial benefits?
    • What is your procedure if there is a problem in 5 years?
  • Avoid quotes that do not specify a panel or inverter brand (e.g. ”Using Tier 1 panels”)
  • Be wary if a claim is 'too good to be true'
  • Does the manufacturer have a local warehouse?
  • Can you get hold of the manufacturer in case of a complaint?
  • Find out more about people’s experiences with this installation company.
    • Pay attention to the quality of workmanship
Best Solar Panels
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Whether it is residential solar or commercial solar you are after, we onyl work with the best installers around. Find an installer near you today.

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