Prevent Hot Spots in Solar Modules

Hot Spot Protection

Low quality solar can experience an effect called hot spot heating, where a defective solar cell absorbs power from the rest of the panel, heats up, and in extreme cases can cause a fire.

WINAICO designs our products against hot spots, first by using quality electronic component to prevent power dissipation, and by testing 100% of all cells by applying a reverse current. This allows us to identify and eliminate potentially defective cells and greatly reducing the risk of incidents occurring.

Designing our panels against Hot Spot is just another assurance we provide when you buy WINAICO. Know that you are secure with your solar panels that will safely integrate with your home.

Hot Spot Protection
Performs in Weak Light
Water Drainage
Salt Spray Resistance
Individually Tested
Hail Resistance
Hot-Spot Protection
PID Resistance
Low Series Resistance

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