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Buying solar panels for your home is a big investment, so you need to be sure you make the right choice. Choose a brand with proven performance, a focus on quality & design and a strong warranty to back it up.

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Should You Invest in Solar?

Installing solar at home is an investment in your future, both financially and ethically.

As technology has evolved, the high-efficiency solar panels produced today are often the most economical way to power your home. And with the rising cost of electricity, owning a solar system can be an excellent way to take the power back.

Plus, you’ll be helping the fight against climate change. It’s a win-win.


High-efficiency panels means more power on your roof


Future proof against increasing electricty prices


30 year warranties guarantee long-term returns


Renewable power for a sustainable future

How Much Does it Cost?

With electricity prices rising, many are turning to renewable energy as a way to save money on their monthly bills. The cost to install solar will depend on a few factors, but when considering the cost you need to work out your payback period. This is the time it takes for the cost of the system to be “paid” back by the reduction in your bills. Your nearest WINAICO installer can help you work out what your payback period would be, but in many cases it is under 5 years, meaning the next 25 years of power is free!

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Up to 30-year Warranty & 2 years System Insurance 

Peace of Mind is guaranteed with the greatest solar module protection in Australia. The 25 or 30-Year Product and Performance Warranty is the legal assurance that your panels will perform for their lifetime on your home or business.

This is on top of our complimentary 2-year (extendable to 5 years) insurance policy which covers the whole system against damage, loss of power and loss of income.

Our office is based in Australia, so you know if anything goes wrong, we’re here for you.


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