Solar Designed to Resist Hail Damage

Hail Resistance

Hail storms are rare, but it only takes one to do serious damage. With a front face made of glass, it is imperative that a solar panel is designed to resist hail impacts.

WINAICO was one of the world's first solar manufacturers to successfully pass what is currently TÜV-Rheinland's toughest hail test. The most recent simulation was conducted in January 2020 with our WSP MX range. A module was targetted by 11 ice balls on different areas across the front surface. Standard Hail tests specify a 25mm projectile at a speed of 23 meters per second. The test organised by WINAICO uses a 35mm ice ball at 28 meters per second.

Using the kinetic energy equation, the combination of the larger ice ball and higher speed equates to 4 times the impact capacity compared to a standard IEC test. The impact resistance reflects the engineering design principles that go into all of WINAICO's products. As weather changes with more ferocious storms, designing modules that can handle them now is critical for solar panel longevity. Our motto "Power to Perform" is instilled into our products and reflected in our advanced testing procedures.

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