Electro-Luminescence Checked

Electro-Luminescence Checked

With a special electro-luminescence test, a type of X-ray, WINAICO ensures 100% cell quality. By examining all cells and finished laminates for any internal damage, micro-cracks, hot spots, soldering errors and other imperfections, which are not visible to the naked eye, are eliminated.

This process is completed to ensure every WINAICO product leaves the production line in perfect condition. If you purchase any of our products, you can ask your installer to provide your individual electro-luminescence images. The additional testing provides the greatest peace of mind, knowing that your WINAICO modules come ready to perform.

Electro-Luminescence Checked
Performs in Weak Light
Water Drainage
Salt Spray Resistance
Individually Tested
Hail Resistance
Hot-Spot Protection
PID Resistance
Low Series Resistance

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