Greater Flexibility with Clamping Zones

As we looked to expand our product range with the Gemini Series, the larger and more powerful modules were an industry favourite with our installation partners around Australia. After receiving feedback from our close partners, we have expanded the module clamping range to help provide additional flexibility and ensure the greatest peace of mind.

The new clamping zone range extends the effective area that the mounting structures can be attached to the WST-MG range, helping for larger purlin roofs. This blog post outlines the key changes to our company policy on clamping zones as well as an introduction to our new installation guide.

Check out the video below to see how those changes can help with installation designs.

WST375-MG and WST-370MG Full Black Clamping Zones

The WST375-MGs are our most popular modules and the WST370-MG Full Black variant in the same dimensions will be available soon on Australian shores.

The clamping zones provide greater flexibility for purlins lengths under the roofs. Purlin gaps of 600mm, 800mm and 1200mm are all suitable with this longside clamping zones. Additionally the 800 mm and 600 mm are suitable long the shortside mounting.

WST-MG Clamping Zones
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WST333-MG Clamping Zones

The WST333-MG is our installer focused modules, compact and lighter to move onto roofs and achieves the absolute maximum 6.66 kW for 5kW inverters with ease. The product will be soon available mid 2021.

The clamping zones are identically suited for the 600 mm, 800 mm and 1200 mm purlins along the length of the module.

Shortside mounting is also suited for the 600 mm and 800mm purlins.

WST333-MG Clamping Zones
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The Gemini Range, For the Installer

The Gemini Range was an opportunity to design new module boxes with an emphasis on the needs of the installer. Our handy QR codes helped direct installers to the Installation Manual, Module Handling Guide and Online Clamping zones for ease of access.

We also hid clamping zone markers under the lid of our modules boxes. You can lean the modules against our boxes and quickly see exactly where the clamping zones are for installation. Theses boxes will soon be updated with the clamping zone adjustments.
Just another example of how the Gemini Range is For the Installer.

Mounting Box
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