WST-NGX525-D3 Solar Panels: Defying Nature’s Challenges

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September 11, 2023

In the realm of solar innovation, Winaico’s latest release, the WST-NGX525-D3 solar panels, has set a new benchmark for resilience against the elements. These panels not only produce energy but also stand tall in the face of nature’s toughest trials.

With SECA’s endorsement and the green light for commercial buildings exceeding three floors, these panels are primed for deployment in regions notorious for high wind intensity, especially in the most challenging landscapes of Australia (Region D), where wind speeds can reach up to a formidable 288 km/h. The panels’ ability to thrive amidst these conditions underscores their status as robust choices for areas prone to extreme weather phenomena, ensuring optimal performance even in the face of nature’s fury.

Test Procedure and Context: 

The Structural Engineering Consultants Australia (SECA) Cyclone Testing Station in Darwin undertook a rigorous assessment to gauge the panels’ ability to withstand the relentless fury of cyclones. 

Under the watchful eyes of SECA,  mechanical load tests were performed on Winaico’s panels. The simulated static strength tests were conducted to emulate real-world scenarios, giving us a glimpse of how these panels would withstand adverse conditions.

Decoding the Test Outcomes:

In the first test, the WST-525NGX-D3 was a panel supported at its edges, 1200mm centres apart on each side, while in the second test, the panel was supported both at its center and flanks, 700mm equidistant on either side.

In both tests, the solar panel was observed to be able to support an equivalent design test pressure of 8.5 kPa with a centre vertical deflection of 92.9mm deflection limit reached, resulting in permanent distortion of the end rail of 5 to 10mm.

The panels were thereby certified for a design pressure of 5.82 kPa, certifying it for use in all regions, including region D which is classified as “Severe cyclonic” with wind speeds of up to 288 km/h

The Significance of the Results: 

These test outcomes are far more than numbers on a report. They symbolize Winaico’s commitment to pushing boundaries and engineering panels that excel under duress. By demonstrating the panels’ ability to withstand pressure, extreme weather, and adverse conditions, Winaico has showcased a path toward safer and more resilient solar installations.

Elevating Safety and Performance: 

The durability and resilience demonstrated by the WST-NGX525-D3 panels translate into enhanced safety for installations. The ability to weather cyclone conditions with grace positions these panels as a secure choice for regions prone to such weather patterns. Furthermore, these results validate the panels’ structural integrity, contributing to their overall efficiency and longevity.

The commercial panels’ 25-year product warranty, 30-year performance warranty, and complimentary 2-year insurance policy add another layer of trust, signaling Winaico’s confidence in their panels’ unwavering performance.

The outcome of the rigorous testing speaks volumes about the adaptability of Winaico’s WST-NGX430-D3 solar panels to specific installation environments. Their exceptional resilience not only positions them as reliable energy generators but also as safeguarding solutions for specific locations.

Learn more about the WINAICO 525 Watt Commercial Solar Panels Here.

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