What Makes a WINAICO Trusted Partner?

July 6, 2023

What Makes a WINAICO Trusted Partner?

A Beautiful Waterfront Project by United Solar Energy, a long-term Installer in the WINAICO Trusted Partner Program
A Beautiful Waterfront Project by United Solar Energy, a long-term Installer in the WINAICO Trusted Partner Program

The Trusted Partner Program

A company in the Trusted Partner Program can also refer to as a Preferred Installer or as an Authorised Retailer in the WINAICO Community. It is a declaration that this installation team or group provides a level of personal care, customer satisfaction and excellence in work that is beyond the standard of the Solar Industry.

WINAICO is a vertically integrated manufacturer, importer and distributor of solar modules. Unlike most other companies that operate in Australia, WINAICO has control of our product at all stages from the silicon cutting machine up to being installed on your roof. This additional control allows us to select installation teams of elite-quality of work, minimising risk from avoiding poor operators and help facilitate a leading level of care within the solar industry.

We have over 100 different Trusted Partners covering all States and Territories in Australia. Below is a summary of the process we consider when selecting a WINAICO Partner and how that will impact you when choosing your solar system.

The friendly local Genr8 team, one of our WINAICO Partners in Tasmania

How do we Choose a Trusted Installer?

In the short sense, a Trusted Partner is an installation team that shares in the same fundamental core beliefs as WINAICO. These include a focus on customer satisfaction, quality of work, accountability and trust.

Since our inception in Australia in 2012, several hundred manufacturers vied for the residential solar market. In 2020 less than 40 remains. The Trusted Installer Program ensures we operate with businesses that have had reliable success through quality craftsmanship and characteristics of longevity.

This decision limits the availability of WINAICO products but ensures that our brand is synonymous with greater care and quality.

A 90 kW commercial solar installation by Enviro Projects.

WINAICO Partners are selected from the following qualities:

  • A long history of quality installations and customer satisfaction
  • They choose to install high-performance components in the system (Inverter, Batteries, Racking…)
  • Focus on quality over quantity of installation
  • Number of Trusted Installers already in the area (avoids high penetrations in the same zone)
  • Customer-focused sales and marketing approach

The friendly solar experts from Reilly Electrical

What does a WINAICO Trusted Partner mean for you?

The decision to operate through a selective installation program provides a series of benefits for you as well as ourselves. The focus of quality and care over large volumes means the risk associated with poor installations is all but alleviated.

The benefits from using a WINAICO Trusted Partner include:

  • Guaranteed quality Installation from start to finish
  • Clear communication and approachability
  • Long-term support from local teams
  • Exclusive access WINAICO resources and information
  • Well informed installation experts
  • Greatest solar protection of any product in Australia

WINAICO Product Protection

By selecting only genuine solar installers to be apart of our Trusted Partner Program, WINAICO avoids the risks associated from improper installations. The increased security by exclusively using quality installation teams has permitted protection policies as a legal extension of that reduced risk.

All products sold in Australia include a 2-year complimentary solar system insurance policy. This protects all components of the system including the solar modules, inverter, wiring, isolators and certain batteries. This is an Australian exclusive, with no other manufacturer offering this service complimentary on their products. This service is also extendable to 5 years with request, guaranteeing economic safety for the payback period of your solar.

WINAICO was the first manufacturer in Australia to extend the product warranty of all our products to 15 years in 2017. This created a market-wide shift raising the expectations from all other manufacturers and exposed companies that we’re unable to replicate the guarantee. We are now proud to hold a 25-year product warranty on all products sold from mid-2020.

Including the 25-year performance guarantee, only WINAICO provides 3 complimentary protection policies on all current solar modules sold in Australia. Our total protection policies are inexplicably linked to our selective partner program. By working with one of the safest communities of solar installers in Australia, our products reflect the guaranteed performance that business and home owners deserve when selecting solar

How do you find a WINAICO Trusted Partner?

We aim to operate with partners that cover the entirety of Australia, providing genuine local support in all corners. We provide  branding to our installation teams to make it clear that they are part of the Trusted Partners program. Look for the Approved Retailer or Approved Installer brand as shown below.

Approved Installer
WINAICO_Approved Retailer_Logo_AUS

If you would like to get in touch or locate a partner near you, select the “Get a Quote” button below and we will locate the most accessible partner for you.


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