WINAICO Performance Warranty Update - Gemini Series

Upgrading Performance Warranty for the Next Generation of Solar

On the back of the Gemini Product Launch, WINAICO is updating the associated performance warranty to reflect the improved design of the modules. Performance Warranty or Power Guarantee is a policy designed to ensure a certain level of power generation over the technical lifetime of a solar array.

The new Performance Warranty for the Gemini Range increases the overall power rating of the solar system to higher levels than the industry standard and our previous warranty agreement. Get the guaranteed performance and power for your system with WINAICO.

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Performance Over the Life of a Solar Module

The power of solar modules will decrease over its technical lifetime as exposure to the elements degrades the effectiveness of components. This is an industry-wide phenomenon with all solar modules losing performance but the quality of the components significantly impacts the rate of degradation.

To ensure confidence,  manufacturers developed Performance Warranties, stipulating the maximum amount of performance drop over a given period. Failure to perform above this limit will activate the policy which can be a full replacement or upgraded modules depending on the system. However, unlike most the solar modules which use periodic performance rates, WINAICO uses a linear performance degradation to ensure consistent performance over the lifetime.

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The WINAICO Performance Warranty previously stated that the maximum power would only drop by 3% within the first year of installation and 0.7% annual degradation for the next 24 years. The New Gemini Performance Warranty will only drop by 2% in the first year and 0.53% annual degradation for the next 24 years of operation.

The upgrade of the performance warranty improves the total output of the Gemini Range by over 5% over the technical lifetime. This is a significant increase in power and an assurance to all WINAICO Installations with the Gemini modules.

The Gemini Modules are heralded as WINAICO's Principle Technology Series moving forward. We plan to introduce only Gemini Series Modules in the future which will all be covered by our new Performance Warranty.

Greatest Protection for Any Solar Module in Australia

Only WINAICO has 3 complimentary protection policies across all our current range in Australia. The 25-Year Product Warranty ensures design perfection and 2-Year System Insurance protects from ALL environmental and physical damage.

In combination with the 25-Year Performance Warranty and Upgraded Gemini Performance Warranty, no other Brand provides the level of guaranteed protection for a solar system in Australia.

If you need a solar system to perform, Choose WINAICO

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WINAICO WarrantyWINAICO Industry Leading ProtectionProtection After Free RegistrationIndustry Standard
Product Warranty152510
Performance Warranty252525
Solar System Insurance020

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