WINAICO Malaysia, a United Partnership

January 15, 2021

WINAICO Malaysia, a United Partnership

WINAICO in the Asia Pacific

WINAICO operates as a mainstay name amongst the Australian Solar Industry since our inception in 2012. By developing relationships with select installers, we have been able to develop a quality brand that operates exclusively with trustworthy partners in the region. However, our work is not limited exclusively to our local border with the WINAICO Sydney office additionally managing the entire Asia Pacific Region.

Blair and the team regularly operate in new markets across the region, including New Zealand, New Caledonia and Fiji. In certain cases, we will operate large projects such as MV Solar installing a massive array for the Fijian National Airport. In other times, WINAICO will operate as a consistent business as a regular market operator.

Recently, WINAICO has begun inroads into the Malaysian market, working closely with United Solar Energy as a principal installation organisation. We have already seen a massive uptake of solar in the area thanks to the partnership and has reinforced the ambition of all parties involved. We are extremely excited to see the opportunity to develop and see massive growth possibilities moving forward.

MV Solar Installation at Fiji Airport
MV Solar Installation at Fiji Airport

WINAICO Malaysia

The Malaysia Agreement has been in work from mid 2019, processing tendering applications, organising new team members and now fully operational. By the end of 2020, WINAICO and United Solar Energy began consistent module installations across the Kuala Lumpur and regional solar sites.

There were several critical factors that helped secure the solar agreement with the Malaysian Government. The long history of successful installations with United Solar Energy and reliability of the Australian business ensured a strong deciding factor in the tender application. WINAICO also included the total system insurance, almost identical to the policy that is provided complimentary to all modules sold in Australia.

The combination of customer satisfaction, reliability and legal protection developed an attractive option for the Malaysian region that has now become an active project from 2019 and the foreseeable future.

Richard Vargas and the Malaysian United Solar Team
Richard Vargas and the Malaysian United Solar Team

United Solar Energy and WINAICO

United Solar Energy is a nationwide solar installation company that has been in operation in Australia since its inception in 2009.

WINAICO has been proud to call United Solar Energy a Partner since 2014. The partnership between the two companies has helped generate a secure solar industry across Australia and we are proud to have United Solar as part of our team.

The recent collaboration of the two companies in Malaysia has deepened the professional relationship across the Asia Pacific region. We are excited to see the future in this region and Australia.

Richard and Blair
Richard and Blair

The Future in Australia and the Asia Pacific

The partnership between United Solar and WINAICO has now extended beyond the international borders and is on the cusp of even greater achievements. A new market is now developing in Sri Lanka again spearheaded by the work of Richard and the United Solar Team. While still in infancy, the opportunities for WINAICO across the Asia Pacific Region have been expanded thanks to the partnership with United Solar Energy.

We deeply look forward to the future projects that manifest from this partnership in both Australia and across the regions.

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