WINAICO Leads the Way with Expanded Clamping Zones in New Glass-Glass Solar Panels

December 11, 2023

When you’re on the front line installing solar panels, sometimes the little things make all the difference. One such detail, crucial yet often overlooked, is the clamping zone of solar panels. With the rise of Bifacial Glass-Glass Panels, many manufacturers have reduced their clamping zones, impacting the ease of installation.

WINAICO’s Innovative Approach to Clamping Zones

WINAICO, a leader in solar technology, has recently taken a significant step by instead expanding the clamping zones on their new Bifacial panels. This strategic move sets WINAICO apart, especially at a time when many other manufacturers are reducing their clamping zones.

Why Clamping Zones Matter

  • Flexibility in Installation: Larger clamping zones offer increased flexibility in panel placement and orientation, crucial for maximising space and solar exposure.
  • Enhanced Durability and Safety: By distributing the load over a larger area, the risk of stress damage to the panels is minimised, ensuring longevity and safety.
  • Efficient Installation Process: Expanded zones allow for quicker and more efficient installations, reducing labour costs and time.
  • Adaptability to Different Roof Types: With more options for clamp placement, WINAICO’s panels can adapt to various roof shapes and obstacles, offering solutions where other panels might not fit.

The Industry Trend: A Concerning Shift

Contrastingly, the trend among other manufacturers has been to reduce the size of clamping zones. This reduction can pose challenges:

  • Limited Installation Options: Smaller zones can restrict panel placement due to incompatibility with roof purlins.
  • Incompatibility with tilted PV Arrays: When modules have tight clamping zones it will often mean that it is impossible to tilt your PV Array over 10 Degrees without impacting the roof and causing excessive wear as the panels make contact with the roof.
  • Installation Delays: More precise measurements required can lead to longer installation times.

WINAICO’s Customer-Centric Innovation

WINAICO’s expansion of clamping zones reflects its commitment to customer needs and installation efficiency. This approach not only makes installations easier but also opens up more opportunities for solar panel placement, ensuring that every project can achieve its maximum potential.

WINAICO’s decision to increase clamping zones is particularly notable with their Glass-Glass panels. These panels, known for their durability and high performance, now offer even more advantages.

Looking to the Future

WINAICO’s new Glass-Glass panels, with their expanded clamping zones, mark a significant advancement in solar panel technology, addressing both practical installation needs and long-term performance. As the industry evolves, these kinds of innovations will continue to shape the future of solar energy, making it more accessible, efficient, and adaptable for all.

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