What Is PID and How You Can Avoid It

A solar installation for your home is a great way to future proof your energy bill against rising prices.

But to make sure your solar panels can last a long time, you need to watch out for some common solar panel defects that can ruin the overall energy production of your system.

One of such defects is PID or Potential Induced Degradation.

What Is Potential Induced Degradation?

PID is a solar cell defect caused by the high voltage potential between a solar module and ground.

The combination of long solar panel strings and grounding the panels’ aluminium frames creates a high voltage difference between solar cells and the frame, which can cause the solar cells to deteriorate due to unwanted charge carrier movements.

Since the string voltage of a rooftop solar system can range from a few hundred volts on a small roof, to a thousand volts in a large project, PID effect is a significant cause for power degradation in big rooftop installations.

What Is Anti-PID?

Anti-PID solar modules are created by selecting solar cells with PID-free design and choosing module encapsulation materials with high resistivity to prevent PID effects.

WINAICO’s solar modules are tested at 1000 V in 85°C, 85% humidity conditions and exhibit less than 5% power degradation as proof of anti-PID.

Which means WINAICO solar panels can be connected in strings without being damaged by the high string voltage, making your solar installation produce more energy for longer.

Our dedication to extensive reliability tests means WINAICO can provide the most dependable solar modules on the market.

You can be confident that your WINAICO installation will reliably generate energy throughout its expected lifetime and not be a victim of Potential Induced Degradation.

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