WINAICO and Solar Analytics Virtual Breakfast

Covid-19 has affected many of our lives in different ways. Our work, our personal life and travel have all been impacted but adapting to our new situation has helped us become stronger together.

With the cancellation of the All-Energy and the Solar Cutters Awareds night, it would be impossible to host our usual networking breakfast to which we all would feel a little dusty from the shenanigans of the previous night. However, Kathleen and Blair decided on not letting a global pandemic get in the way and organised the Innuagral WINAICO and Solar Analytics Virtual Breakfast.

Advanced registrations for our event were rewarded with small breakfast packages, merchandise and information to make up for the crossiants and coffee that we would have preferred to serve. WINAICO and Solar Analytics Partners all over Australia dialled in to get some big company announcements.

Webinar Structure

Kicking off at 8:30 in the morning, our webinar took place in the Solar Analytic Headquarters in Redfern, South Sydney. The Virtual Breakfast was a 40-minute discussion led by two solar industry heavyweights; Nigel Morris and Blair Pester.

After a short introductory video, our presenters took turns highlighting 5 main announcements for their respective companies. These announcements have been snipped out from the main presentation and can be viewed below.

Following the main points, the floor was open to a Question and Answer section that helped shine a light on any details that our collective customers were interested in. We saw some great questions and even better banter from our incredible audience.

WINAICO Announcements

We are proud to introduce our new Gemini Range, advanced split cell modules at the quality and performance that you'd expect with WINAICO. The new series will introduce a model to our both the WST and WSP designs to get all efficiency above 20%.

The WST Series will include a 375-watt module, pushing the power density in a similar frame as before. The WSP Series is adding a compact 333 Watt module to our range, which will help round out any system size, be it 1 kW, 5 kW or 6.66 kW. These new products will be protected with WINAICOs exclusive 25-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty and 2-year complimentary insurance.

These products are expected to be stocked in our warehouses across Australia in December 2020 so keep a lookout.Our 60-cell high-power modules that are synonymous with WINAICO will still be available in the early few months of next year to help accessibility for our installers.

Watch this video below of a snippet from the webinar detailing this new product range:

Full Webinar Recording

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the attendees to our first ever WINAICO and Solar Analytics Virtual Breakfast. We consider it a great success and so pleased to have brought so many of our partners together.

Many of our friends were not able to come to our breakfast due to timezone or work and we understand that life will sometimes get in the way. In order to accommodate our partners, we have provided a full webinar recording of the virtual breakfast.

This includes our Q&A section where the audience asked questions and poked an occasional jab at our presenters. Click the video below to see the complete webinar:

We would like to say a big thank you to some of the people working behind the scenes to get this breakfast together. Kathleen, Thornton and Ragul helped organise the breakfast packages for our early registers and develop the idea of the virtual breakfast.

And of course, a massive thank you to our partners. We hope that our combined community stays strong in these times and we look forward to what the future holds for us.

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