Understanding Potential Induced Degradation (PID)

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March 25, 2024

When installing solar panels, ensuring they remain efficient and effective over many years is crucial. However, Potential Induced Degradation (PID) lurks as a potential threat to this goal, silently diminishing the power output of your panels. Thankfully, with informed decisions and the right technology, overcoming PID is more than possible. Let’s dive into what PID is and how WINAICO is leading the charge against it.

What Is Potential Induced Degradation (PID)?

PID occurs when voltage discrepancies lead to the leakage of current from a solar panel, significantly impacting its efficiency and power output. This issue is especially pertinent in panels subjected to high voltages, warm temperatures, and elevated humidity levels—all common conditions for solar installations.

The Impact of PID and the Importance of Prevention

A solar panel suffering from PID can see its efficiency drop dramatically, potentially by up to 30%, which in turn affects the energy yield and overall return on your solar investment. While more common in older or lower-tier panels, no system is inherently immune.

WINAICO’s Proactive Approach to Combat PID

Understanding the critical nature of PID, WINAICO has developed a robust strategy focusing on both prevention and resistance:

  • Anti-PID Solar Module Design: WINAICO selects solar cells specifically designed to be PID-free and uses encapsulation materials with high electrical resistivity. This careful selection process is pivotal in preventing PID from taking hold.
  • Rigorous Testing Standards: WINAICO’s solar modules undergo stringent testing, including exposure to 1000 V in conditions of 85°C and 85% humidity. Demonstrating less than 5% power degradation under these conditions is a testament to our panels’ anti-PID efficacy.
  • String Connection Resilience: This resistance to PID means WINAICO panels can be safely connected in strings without succumbing to high string voltages. This enhances your solar system’s energy production capabilities and longevity.
  • Commitment to Reliability: Our dedication to reliability is reflected in our exhaustive reliability tests, positioning WINAICO solar modules among the most dependable on the market.
  • Assured Long-Term Performance: With WINAICO, you can be confident in your installation’s ability to generate energy reliably over its expected lifetime without falling prey to PID.
  • Robust Warranty Coverage: WINAICO supports this confidence with a 30-year warranty for residential installations and a 25-year warranty for commercial projects, encompassing both product and performance. This comprehensive warranty protection underscores our commitment to delivering solar solutions you can trust.

Potential Induced Degradation represents a significant challenge within the solar industry, but it’s one that can be effectively managed with the right technology and expertise. WINAICO’s advanced approach to creating anti-PID solar modules, combined with our rigorous testing and robust warranty, offers you peace of mind. Your WINAICO solar system is not just an energy solution but a long-term investment in sustainable, reliable power generation, safeguarded against the risks of PID. Embrace the future of solar energy with WINAICO, where innovation meets durability.

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