The Significance of Low Series Resistance in Solar Cells

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April 4, 2024

When it comes to optimising the performance of solar panels, the concept of series resistance is a key factor. Series resistance refers to the inherent resistance to the flow of electric current within a solar cell. It’s a critical factor that influences the efficiency and performance degradation of solar modules over time. Understanding and minimising series resistance is crucial for maintaining high energy output and securing a stable yield from solar installations.

Why Low Series Resistance Matters

In every solar cell, a certain level of performance degradation occurs when exposed to sunlight. This degradation can significantly impact the long-term efficiency and reliability of solar panels. However, modules designed with low series resistance, such as those produced by WINAICO, are characterized by their minimal performance degradation, ensuring a consistently high yield over the operational lifespan of the module.

WINAICO’s Approach to Ensuring Low Degradation

WINAICO’s commitment to manufacturing solar modules with exceptionally low series resistance stems from our commitment to using high-quality raw materials and adopting advanced manufacturing processes. The result is a product line that not only boasts low initial degradation but also maintains its nominal power effectively, especially in the crucial early years of operation.

A Promise of Enduring Performance

Understanding the importance of long-term performance, WINAICO offers a robust 30-year linear performance guarantee (25 for commercial panels). This guarantee is a testament to the low series resistance of our modules and our confidence in their durability. In the first year, we assure at least 99% of the nominal power output. For the subsequent 29 years, we ensure a maximum performance reduction of just 0.4% of the nominal power annually. So by the end of your 30-year warranty, you’re guaranteed to still be getting at least 87% of your nominal system power output.

Key Takeaways for Solar Investors

  1. Low Series Resistance Enhances Efficiency: Solar modules with low series resistance exhibit less energy loss and higher efficiency.
  2. Quality Materials Minimize Degradation: The use of superior raw materials in WINAICO modules ensures minimal performance degradation, particularly during the critical initial years.
  3. WINAICO’s Linear Performance Guarantee: Our 25-year performance guarantee is a reflection of our commitment to quality and our confidence in the enduring performance of our modules.
  4. Investment Security: By choosing WINAICO, you’re not just purchasing solar panels; you’re investing in a future of reliable, efficient energy production.

In summary, the low series resistance of WINAICO’s solar cells is a cornerstone of our modules’ high efficiency and longevity. It’s a fundamental reason why homeowners, businesses, and solar investors choose WINAICO for their solar energy needs, ensuring maximum yield and investment security throughout the lifetime of their solar system.

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