The Glaring Effect of Solar Panels

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August 4, 2021

Tackling the Glare: WINAICO’s Solution for Light Absorption

In densely populated areas and crucial sites like airports, the glare from solar panels isn’t just a nuisance—it can be a genuine safety hazard, affecting the daily operations and well-being of individuals. Recognizing this issue, WINAICO has innovated to ensure its panels not only deliver exceptional performance but also address and significantly reduce glare problems. You can read our White Paper on Solar Panel Reflectivity here.

Efficiency Meets Discretion: WINAICO’s Innovative Approach

When it comes to managing light, materials play a pivotal role. Typically, “darker” materials are better at absorbing light, whereas “lighter” materials reflect it more. This interplay of absorption, transmission, and reflection is crucial in designing effective solar panels that minimize reflective glare. WINAICO panels are constructed with layers specifically designed to capture and convert as much sunlight into electricity as possible while mitigating reflection issues.

The Science Behind the Shine

At the heart of WINAICO’s panels is the choice of solar glass. Low iron tempered glass, known for its high transmission rates of over 94% in the visible spectrum, is used to ensure maximum light absorption and minimal reflection. This specially chosen glass, coupled with an anti-reflective coating, dramatically cuts down on light reflection, particularly at higher angles, making WINAICO panels a considerate choice for installation in glare-sensitive areas.

Furthermore, WINAICO solar cells are designed with a textured surface to scatter reflected light back onto the cell, enhancing absorption. The anti-reflective coating plays a dual role here: it increases light transmission to the cells and leverages refraction to trap light, boosting the panel’s efficiency.

A Real-World Application: Nadi International Airport

WINAICO’s commitment to reducing glare while maximizing efficiency has led to its selection for high-profile installations, such as a 200kW array at Fiji’s Nadi International Airport. The choice was influenced by WINAICO panels’ low reflective properties and their durability against harsh conditions, including salt mist corrosion and cyclonic winds—a testament to their robust design and suitability for sensitive and challenging environments.

WINAICO: A Bright Choice for Solar Solutions

With every detail considered—from the choice of materials to the final installation—WINAICO stands out in the solar industry for its panels that absorb a minimum of 94% of light, thanks to their anti-reflective coating. This feature not only maximises the panels’ performance but also ensures they are an optimal choice for areas where glare can be a concern, proving that with WINAICO, you can expect innovative solutions that meet the needs of today’s world without sacrificing performance or safety.

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