WINAICO Gemini Series - Launching 2021

The word Gemini derives from the story of twin brothers that were made famous in the Greek Mythos. While the twin brothers shared the same mother, one was the son of Zeus and the other the King of Sparta. Their bond was immortalised after Zeus raised them to the Cosmos, becoming two magnificently bright stars and more commonly known now as the one of the constellations.

WINAICOs New Gemini Range is our latest step forward technology with performance and design. The Gemini Series is a tribute to the Greek twins, being WINAICO's first manifestation into double split-cell technology and the introduction of two new products in the WST and WSP range. These two modules are a convergence of power, design and class with a clear focus on the features that matter for our installation partners.

Split Cell Technology

Split Cell technology refers to the connection of half-sized silicon solar cells arranged symmetricallys across the middle of the module. This technology reduces the size of the indiviudal cells by hald but doubles the total number of cells giving rise to the twin motif of the Gemini. The concept showed great promise as the higher voltage from the strings enabled lower loses within the cells and greater overall efficiency.

As the first split cells came to Australia, the increased voltage caused concerns regarding installation and safety. Now that the technology had matured and well understood by the manufacturing industry, WINAICO has adequetly developed one of the highest efficiency split cell commercial modules to date.

9 Bus Bars Solar Ribbons

Bus bars are the small silver connection visible on the surface of the silicon. They act as an electical bridge to allow voltage and current to travel between cells and combine to generate a large total power.

WINAICOs new MG Range use 9 bus bars, maximising the total voltage capture of the silicon, reducing voltage congesting among the strings and optimising the surface area of captured light.

Unlike standard solar ribbons, WINAICO has chosen a rounded diagonal shape to guide light into the silicon cells, increasing the available energy for capture.

Advanced Environmental Testing

All WINAICO modules have been tested to withstand the environmental impacts that exist in the world. The Gemini Series is no exception being certified across all relevant environmental tests available.

Impact Testing
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The first incarnation fo the Gemini Series is the new WST-375MG, our most powerful WINAICO Module built to date.

This 375 Watt module outperforms almost all other commercial options on the market and with the same accessible design format of the WST Range.

At 20.62% efficiency, very few modules can match the performance of the WST-375MG module. Ideal for homes and businesses looking to achieve the most from their solar system, the new WST-MG range covers all aspects of performance and accessibility.

The most protected panel in Australia with 25-years product warranty, 25-year performance warranty and 2-years of system insurance all complimentary.

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The new WSP-333MG is our most intriguing module design to date. Using our WSP Frame, this model retains the extra strengthened frame and WINAICO Patented Drainage Corners found in the MX Range.

The choice for 333 watts was a deliberate design consideration to help achieve the most out of the solar system. The maximum size for a solar system with a 5 kW inverter is 6.66 kWs of solar panels. The new WSP-333MG achieves the highest certified amount of power for the grid constraints in Australia.

1 kW System = 3 Modules.

5 kW System = 15 Modules.

6.66 kW System = 20 Modules

At 20.27% efficiency, modular design and toughened framing the WSP-333MG is the ideal solar option for your home. All backed by WINAICO's exclusive 3 product protection guarantees.


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