Sun, Sea, and Solar: The Crucial Role of Salt Mist Certification

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September 11, 2023

As solar panels become integral components of our energy infrastructure, ensuring their durability and performance in challenging environments is paramount. Particularly challenging environments are those places high in salt mist or ammonia which corrodes panels over time reducing performance, or even rendering the panels useless. 

This is where salt mist certification steps in – a rigorous testing process that simulates the harsh conditions of coastal and marine environments.

Why is Salt Mist Certification Important? Solar panels are often installed in various settings, including coastal regions where they’re exposed to salty air and harsh weather conditions. Over time, these environmental factors can lead to corrosion, performance degradation, and decreased efficiency. Salt mist certification serves as a guarantee that solar panels can withstand the corrosive effects of salt-laden air, making them a reliable energy source even in coastal areas.

The Testing Process: Salt mist testing involves subjecting solar panels to a controlled environment that mimics the corrosive conditions near the coast. During the test, panels are exposed to a fine mist containing salt particles. This mist settles on the panels and is then heated to accelerate the corrosive effects. The panels’ performance and structural integrity are closely monitored throughout the testing period.

Certified for the Toughest Environments: All WINAICO solar panels are rigorously tested in accordance with the international standard for salt mist corrosion (IEC 61701)as well as additional voluntary testing with the Taiwan VPC Authority. Our panels endured extremely high exposure to salt mist for over 56 days, demonstrating no significant change in electrical performance and no alterations to the exterior of the modules.

Our new NGX series modules are certified to level 6 – suitable for the harshest environments, including coastal areas, as well as mine and farming sites. When you choose Winaico panels, you’re choosing solar technology that not only harnesses the power of the sun but also stands strong against the toughest elements.

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