WINAICO Solar Boxes

WINAICO is proud of the solar modules we manufacture, but the design process doesn't stop there. We've put serious consideration into our boxes to provide the greatest amount of protection possible during transport and shipping.

Our boxes are an extension of the WINAICO Solar Modules arriving in perfect working order regardless of the destination. Check out this little video demonstration made with our partners at NRG Solar of just how tough we've made our product boxes.

Eddy and Blair, the Managing Director of NRG Solar and WINAICO Australia respectively, begin a clear weighted stress test on an empty solar box. With the assistance of the NRG Solar Team and Josh Sheppard from Sheppard Electrical place over 1 Tonne of weight.

1000 Litres of water is incrementally pumped onto an IBC tank on top of one of WINAICO's empty boxes. Since the density of water is 1 kg/L this equates to exactly 1000 kg of weight in water, not including the container, pallet or metal framing.

The stress of the IBC tank on top of the empty box demonstrates that no weight rests on the internal modules. The solar boxes protect our modules from stresses that can cause performance issues such as cracked panels, bent frames, glass fractures and microcracking of cells.

Why Is Solar Box Design Important?

Solar Module Boxes are the primary shipping device when moving from the production facility to your installation address. Regardless of where a solar module is made, it must be transported by ship, truck or trailer to the site.

By designing the box to handle all potential weight in shipping, WINAICO ensures the modules to not be weighed down causing micro cracking, damaged cells, bent metal frames or any other performance issues.

The box design is an extension of our assurance of product perfection even at installation.

Empty WINAICO Solar Box with 1 Ton of weight
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Empty WINAICO Solar Box with 1 Ton of weight

Other uses for Solar Module Boxes

The solar module box design is incredibly sturdy, using toughened but recyclable cardboard to protect the modules and the environment. After delivery to site, our installers will break down the containers and place them in the suitable recycling bins.

However, the robust cardboard has been known to be re-used in fun and interesting ways. Many of our installers have turned the boxes into cubby houses for their children and friends to play in. Have a look at a few cases from our partners around Australia:

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We are incredibly proud to see our boxes being put to new life after transporting solar module  to site. The creativity of our partners in Australia is an inspiration to the WINAICO team, breathing new life into the solar module boxes.

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