Positive Power Tolerance: Ensuring You Get What You Pay For in Solar Panels

Power tolerance is the range within which a solar panel’s actual output may vary from its rated capacity and can impact the actual performance and efficiency of the solar energy system.

WST-430NGXB-D3: From 425W to 430W Full Black Panels

We’ve upgraded of our popular 425W full black solar panels to the new WST-430NGXB-D3 model, increasing the wattage to 430W and the efficiency to an impressive 22.02%.

Solar Payback Periods: How Falling Costs and Rising Efficiencies Are Transforming Investments

Not only are solar panels getting cheaper, they are also lasting longer. With an average residential payback period of 5 years, that means 25 years of free power.

Where to buy WINAICO Panels

Whether you are a customer looking for a beautiful and high-performing PV Array or an experienced PV installer looking to expand their product range, WINAICO is the best choice you can make. 

If you are a customer looking to find out more about installing WINAICO panels for your residential or commercial project, conatct us here to find your nearest WINAICO installer. 

If you are an installer or distributor interested in adding WINAICO to your range, contact us here and one of our sales team will be in touch. 

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