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August 22, 2022

Only Flawless Modules Come Out of WINAICO

Rain, hail and snow. Wind, storms and hurricanes. Salt spray from the sea and ammonia from agriculture. Blistering heat and the bitter cold. In reality, a photovoltaic module has to withstand a great deal and still deliver reliable high performance. The problem in terms of yield is not so much the major damage you can see straight away and repair if necessary. What is fatal is the small, almost invisible damage that limits performance in the long term and often reduces the yield without being noticed.

With intelligent detailed solutions and the best quality materials of components ability, WINAICO modules reliability ensure top performance. As all the elements interact perfectly, the result is superior quality, for which Taiwan is well known for in the semiconductor industry. In photovoltaics, this technological leadership is sustained.

The Module Frame


The module frame plays an elementary role. On the one hand, it protects the laminate inside against thermal and mechanical stresses, whilst it also serves as a fixing point for attachment to the substructure.

WINAICO quality components:

The unique frame on the WINAICO modules comprises a 6-series extruded aluminium frame. This frame variant, produced entirely from aluminium, guarantees maximum stability and protection against material fatigue. The rounded corners provide greater torsional stiffness and waterproofing in this critical area, where the material is at its weakest. In contrast to other corner connections that use mitred cuts or threaded connections, WINAICO’s corner pieces guarantee the best possible transfer of tension across each section of the frame. The corner pieces are also designed with drainage channels, avoiding water and dust accumulation, which over time can cause cell shading, power degradation and hotspot problems.

The EVA Film


EVA films (ethylene vinyl acetate) are used in order to connect the solar cells together with the glass surface, with the aid of a lamination process. This step ensures the “encapsulation” of the solar module, which holds the PV module together and has a fundamental influence on the service life. The degree of cross-linking within the EVA film after the lamination process is a decisive indicator of the quality of the solar module.

WINAICO quality components:

EVA film must guarantee an insulating and protective effect throughout the entire service life of the module. Lower quality films may lead in the long term to discolouration, delamination or degradation, and thereby to a severe inhibition of the module’s performance. WINAICO therefore uses quality films exclusively with a cross-linking of at least 85%, thereby ensuring permanent protection of the cells.

The Solar Cells


Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electrical energy, and are therefore the generator within the module. The characteristics of a solar module are determined by the quality of the cells and consequently by the characteristics of the silicon used.

WINAICO quality components:

WINAICO only uses highly efficient cells with the lowest possible variance in the manufacturing process, and thereby optimises the reproducibility of the cell arrangement. This is a decisive factor for the even cell quality of the WINAICO WSP range and for stable yields. High shunt resistances and filling factors in the cells used result in good energy yields, in particular with low irradiation levels. WINAICO is also careful in its choice of cells for this reason.

The Glass


The glass pane forms the closed front face of the photovoltaic module, protecting all of the components behind it from weathering and mechanical stresses, whilst simultaneously acting as a carrier material during the lamination process.

WINAICO quality components:

WINAICO only uses highly transmissive facing glass for its modules. High transmission increases the efficiency of photovoltaic modules and therefore has a direct influence on the performance and the yield of the finished module. A low iron content in the glass composition and an anti-reflective coating additionally act to reduce the absorption of the applied radiation energy.

In addition to high transmission rates, the glass used by WINAICO is also well resistant to mechanical loads and temperature changes.

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