Is My Roof Solar Ready?

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July 20, 2023

Is My Roof Solar Ready?

You have decided to install solar panels, that’s great news you will be saving on your electricity plus helping the environment at the same time. But before you go searching for an installer, ask yourself is my roof solar ready?

Think of it like this, whatever you’re installing you need to have a good solid foundation.

Solar Panels are no different because you would want this investment to last as long as it should.


What Is It Made Of?

The Material that your roof is made of can have an impact on the Solar panels you decide to install.

Tiles (terracotta and concrete)

Installing on a tile roof may require the installer to remove and replace some tiles to install mounting brackets, these will be attached directly to the roof frame. It might be a good idea to make sure you have some spare tiles as they can break from being handled.

Metal roofs are one of the easiest for solar panels to be installed on. Less equipment and labour means a cheaper installation overall.


The shape and style of the roof will help you to decide on the quantity and size of the panels you can choose from. For example, if you have a Hip and Valley styled roof you would select our 400W as they are smaller and can fit in tight areas, they could also allow you to capture more sun. If you have a flat roof or a gable roof you could install our 430W options.

Pitch Perfect

The pitch of your roof not your vocals will help decide the best angle to place the panels to ensure you capture as much of the glorious sun as possible.

Sun Exposure

How much pure sun the panels receive will effect its overall performance. You need to make sure that all panels can receive full sun exposure from 9am to 3pm. Make sure that wherever the panels are going to be installed on your roof there are no shade spots, from trees or other buildings

The Direction of Your Roof

Lastly the direction your roof is in or its orientation will decide on how the panels are faced. In Australia NORTH Facing Panels receive the most sun throughout the day. If North facing panels aren’t an option, you can choose other panel directions based on your high energy consumption times.

Sun’s Path

EAST Facing Panels; Generates more energy in the morning and less in the afternoon (12% less energy than North facing).

WEST Facing Panels; Generates less energy in the morning but more in the afternoon (12% less energy than North facing).

SOUTH Facing Panels; Avoid where possible as these generate up to 28% less energy than North.

Your roof may allow a combination of different directions, which can be maximise the amount of power created.

Other things to Consider

Roof Access

Make sure that the installer has clear access to your roof to ensure a smooth and less expensive install.
Age of Roof

Solar Panels can last over 25 years so making sure that your roof has no major issues will make sure that your new panels last as long as they should.




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