Introducing the WINAICO 710W HJT Utility Panel: Powering the Future of Solar

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January 3, 2024

In the dynamic world of solar energy, WINAICO is setting new benchmarks with the launch of our latest product: the 710W HJT Utility Panel. This panel is not just an addition to our product line; it represents a giant leap in photovoltaic technology, bringing unparalleled efficiency and innovation to large-scale solar installations in Australia.

A Giant in Efficiency and Design

At the core of this breakthrough is the impressive 710-watt power output per panel. This remarkable achievement is made possible through the panel’s advanced HJT (Heterojunction Technology) and its innovative bifacial glass-glass design. The HJT combines the best of both worlds, utilising both crystalline and amorphous silicon technologies to enhance light absorption and minimise electrical losses.

Bifacial Design: A Game Changer

The bifacial nature of these panels is a testament to WINAICO’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of solar technology. This design enables the panels to absorb sunlight from both sides, with a bifacial gain of up to 20%. The result? A significant boost in energy generation efficiency. And because they don’t contain a polymer backsheet, these panels offer increased durability and longevity.

Optimised for Performance in Harsh Conditions

These panels are engineered to excel, even in challenging environments. The glass layers in the panels act as effective heat sinks, ensuring efficient heat dissipation. This feature is crucial for maintaining lower operating temperatures, thereby reducing the impact of temperature on the panels’ performance. It’s an optimal power solution, especially in hot climates.

Sized for Maximum Impact

Measuring 1303mm x 2384mm, the large size of these panels is purposefully designed for single-axis tracking systems and fixed arrays. Their substantial size and high output mean that fewer panels are required to achieve the desired power output. This reduction not only lowers the overall cost but also streamlines the installation process, making them an ideal choice for solar farms.

Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

By requiring fewer panels to meet energy needs, solar farms can significantly cut down on both the cost and timeline of their projects. This efficiency translates into a reduced balance of system and fewer penetration points needed, further streamlining the installation process.

Versatility at Its Core

The WINAICO 710W HJT Utility Panel is not just about power; it’s about versatility. Its size and power output make it perfectly suited for various solar applications, offering flexibility and efficiency to project managers and installers alike.

Conclusion: Powering a Sustainable Future

The introduction of the WINAICO 710W HJT Utility Panel marks a significant step forward in our journey towards sustainable energy solutions. It’s a product that embodies our commitment to innovation, quality, and efficiency. For those looking to harness solar power at a grand scale in Australia, this panel offers a future where energy is not only abundantly available but also efficiently utilised.

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