Full Black Solar Modules

March 26, 2021

Aesthetics and Performance – Full Black Solar Modules

What is a Full Black Solar Module?

Full Black Solar Modules are found throughout the Australian residential and commercial energy industry. As a module, the sleek monochromatic look makes them ideal components to integrate into homes and buildings. By using a black backsheet, the silicon cells blend seamlessly to resemble a single tone of colour across the entire design. In collaboration in an array of modules, full black solar can be an impressive addition to a roof.

The design consideration of the module aesthetic does affect the performance of the internal silicon. This post aims to explore the characteristics of full black solar modules and what that means for your home or business.

full black residential solar installation
Award winning residential solar installation designed with WINAICO full black solar modules

Max Power of Full Black Modules

It is not a secret that solar modules with a white back sheet are better at capturing solar energy. The white material allows light to be reflected off the backsheet surface, encouraging more energy to be captured by the silicon cells underneath.

The backsheets in the full black solar modules absorb more energy and reduce the internal reflection of light. The change between a white and black backsheet will cause a 1-2% change in max power when measuring at Standard Testing Conditions for the same solar cells.

Diagram of Solar Module Design. Source: PV Lighthouse
Diagram of Solar Module Design. Source: PV Lighthouse

However, certain solar modules are using square-cut monocrystalline cells which avoid the edge cut design that was common in the previous solar industry. The old silicon cells produced a diamond shape pattern between the cells.

The new square-cut cells avoid this problem and minimise the total visible surface area of the backsheet. This means that new solar modules such as the WST-M6 Range can minimise the loss of power at STC. Both WST-M6 Modules shown below produce 330 Watts of power at STC.


Performance of Full Black Modules

The overall energy production of solar modules will differ based on environmental conditions. The solar silicon cells are influenced by the temperature and a higher temperature of the module will decrease the maximum energy production. The phenomenon explains why solar installations perform better in colder climates compared to hot.

Full Black solar modules are expected to have a higher operational temperature, with the backsheet absorbing and transferring the sunlight into heat. The result is a small decrease in energy production .


Australia’s climate is considered warm constantly, and the impact of black backsheets on energy production is infintesitely small compared to other factors such as shading, regional weather or direction.

Why Should you get Full Black Solar Modules?

The module technology has matured to now become a common option for residential and commercial users. Solar modules must be constantly exposed to sunlight on rooftops, ground mounts or integrated into building designs. The daily energy production will generally be visible to you and others walking nearby.

Full Black solar modules provide a flush and beautiful option for solar installations that will complement the building design. If you are looking to have a system that performs and looks good, Full Black Solar Modules are your solution.

large home solar system

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