Ensuring Safety Against Fires: WINAICO’s Certified Solar Modules

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January 10, 2024

In an age where solar energy is increasingly becoming a staple in Australian homes, ensuring the safety of solar modules against the risk of fire is paramount. WINAICO recognizes this critical need and has rigorously tested its new Glass-Glass NGX series panels to surpass standard fire safety certifications, making them an ideal choice for Australian conditions, particularly in areas prone to bushfires.

Certified Against the Inferno

Solar modules, while exposed to a variety of elements like dirt, dust, and severe weather conditions, must also be resilient against fire risks. This resilience is crucial not only for the panels’ functionality but also for the safety of homes and businesses.

Rigorous Fire Resistance Testing

International procedures for fire damage simulation on solar modules are stringent. One of the key standards is the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61730 test, which includes rigorous fire simulations and is a requirement for solar modules installed on Australian rooftops.

The IEC 61730 standard encompasses testing to UL 790 and UL 1703 for integrated solar modules on rooftops. A notable aspect of this test involves placing a burning brand on the module surface for 90 minutes, mimicking extreme fire exposure conditions.

Additionally, the spread of flame simulation is critical. Here, modules are exposed to fast-moving streams of fire, testing their surface resistance to flame spread.

UNI 9177 and 9174 Fire Certification

Beyond the standard IEC test, the Italian-designed UNI 9177 and 9174 simulations apply radiative heat to the back of the solar module. This test simulates scenarios like an intense burning house or tree near the solar module, assessing the module’s resilience to fire spread, afterglow duration, and potential for causing subsequent fires. Good quality solar modules, like WINAICO’s, must achieve Level 1 results in these tests to be deemed safe.

WINAICO’s Commitment to Safety

At WINAICO, we believe in exceeding standard safety requirements. Our new Glass-Glass NGX series panels have been tested and passed these stringent fire resistance tests, including the UNI 9177 and 9174 certifications. Our commitment to safety is especially crucial given Australia’s hot summers and bushfire conditions.

On top of this, WINAICO systems all come with our comprehensive full-system insurance policy.  

The following table demonstrates the Levels or Categories of the UNI 9174/9177 certificate. Good quality solar modules must achieve Level 1 results to be considered for passing this examination. This includes:

  • Flame does not spread past 300 mm within the allocated time
  • After Glow lasts less than 180 seconds
  • No dripping or debris that can cause subsequent fires.

Ideal for Australian Conditions

In regions where bushfires are a common threat, the need for fire-resistant solar panels is critical. Embers falling on roofs can pose a significant risk, and WINAICO’s certified panels offer an extra layer of protection. Their durable glass-glass design not only maximizes light absorption and energy efficiency but also ensures that the panels can withstand intense heat and fire exposure.

A Trusted Choice for Safety and Efficiency 

WINAICO’s Glass-Glass NGX series panels, with their proven fire resistance, are not just about generating power; they are about ensuring safety and peace of mind for Australian homeowners. With these panels, you can be confident that you are choosing a product that offers the best protection against the elements throughout its 30-year lifetime.

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