WINAICO x Clenergy: Double Row Configuration on the Solar Terrace II

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June 24, 2024

WINAICO’s Commitment to Installers: Enhancing Solar Installation Efficiency in Australia

Since its establishment in 2012, WINAICO Australia Pty Ltd has been dedicated to working closely with installers and industry professionals to improve our processes and offer flexibility for our installation partners. In response to the feedback we received, we expanded our module clamping zones to suit roof purloins across Australia and added an image on the outside of the box that clearly shows the clamping zones. This image includes a collection of QR codes that link directly to our module handling guide and installation manual, providing quick and easy access to essential information.

Optimising Power Output with Double Row Configurations

But we didn’t stop there. A standout feature of these recent improvements is the ability to maximise power output using our 2,093mm 525W and 530W Cyclone-rated Glass-Glass NGX Series of Modules in a double-row configuration when paired with the Solar Terrace II.

By using this setup, we can achieve an impressive 1,050kW per 1.134 metres of mounting system, equating to 10.5kW of power per mounting system. This configuration not only optimises space but also enhances energy production. Additionally, selecting the right ground cover to reflect sunlight back onto these powerful bifacial solar panels can further boost power generation, making the most of every installation.

Collaboration with Clenergy and MMEM

Our collaboration with Clenergy and MMEM highlighted the potential of optimising installation systems. The teams worked together to adjust our clamping zones, eliminating the need for extension rails to the substructure. This innovation reduces material costs and improves installation efficiency, particularly benefiting teams focused on ground mount and regional/remote installations. The result is a streamlined installation process that saves time and resources for installers.

Availability and Special Offer

Our WST-525W and WST-530W NGX modules are available from our warehouses and Greentech locations across Australia. To help our partners take advantage of the opportunity this has created, we’ve teamed up to bring you an even better deal. As a special offer, if you bundle the Mounting Structure with the WINAICO NGX Commercial Series and mention this article, you’ll receive a 5% discount on the panels.


At WINAICO, we’re dedicated to supporting our installation partners by continually improving our products and processes based on industry feedback. Our expanded clamping zones, collaboration with Clenergy and MMEM, and innovative engineering solutions are just a few examples of how we’re making solar installations more efficient and effective. Choose WINAICO for reliable, high-performance solar solutions designed with installers in mind.

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