Convos with Clenergy: Welcome to WINAICO

January 25, 2021

Convos with Clenergy: Sean and Blair talks all things solar

Convos with Clenergy: Welcome to WINAICO

Clenergy Web Series

Clenergy is an Australian based company that develops the solar supports and cable management services for residential, commercial and ground mount utility installations. The metal manufacturer was developed in Melbourne in 2006 and has expanded to have bracnhes in 3 continents, 7 countries  and has over 500 employees.

Sean Guzzi, the National Channel Manager for Clenergy Australia, has started a web series talking to different members of the Solar Industry to help educate installation partners and create dialogue into the future. UIndurestry representitives for manufacturers, energy experts, regulation officers and logistics/distribution mangers are just a few of the guests hosted on Sean’s “Convos with Clenergy”. The full playlist of the web series can be find on the link below:

Click Here to See the Entire Interview on Youtube

Click Here to See the Convos with Clenergy Web Series

WINAICO was very fortunate to be included in this series, with Sean making his maiden flight out of the Melbourne lock down to join us in our Sydney Office. This also marks the first in-person interview for the series due to the pandemic restrictions and the last interview for 2020.

Above is the full recording of the “Convos with Clenergy: WINAICO Welcome”. The following section includes short snippets of the interview that we help identify key elements of information applicable for our installation teams.

WINAICO and Installer Input to Design

Blair discusses the flexibility that comes from being an integrated solar module manufacturer, importer and distributor. The Australian office has constant communication with our design teams, marketing personal and expertise from all our international branches.

The WSP External L-keys, Module handling Guide and Online Installation Manual were all ideas proposed by Australian Installation Partners to Blair which then materialised with the help of our internal team members.

A recent discussion in Solar Cutters Facebook group has led to WINAICO to update our module boxes to include the clamping zones for direct and clear indicators for our partners.

Listening to Customers and The Module Handling Guide

Sean and Blair touch on the importance of being accessible to customers and provide the right information at the right time. Responsiveness is a clear part of any distribution role in the Australian Industry.

This led into the Module Handling Guide, which looked at different habits in the Australian solar industry. If you would like to see how the optimal way to take care of your solar modules, you can read the full Module Handling Guide here.

Advanced Module Testing

Sean asks about the type of testing that solar modules are voluntarily exposed to and how that impacts the Australian Market. We also get a glimpse of the Dynamic Load Testing, one of the weirdest types of module certification in the laboratory. To see the voluntary tests that WINAICO completes on top of the standard module testing, please click here.

The WSP Series, Performance Range

Blair explains some of the key features of the WSP Series, including the toughened aluminum frame and WINAICO patented corner pieces.

The selection of internal and external L-key designs are a key feature of all WINAICO modules. The WSP Series has exclusive access to a drainage corner, making it the only solar module in Australia that can effectively wipe away dirt at low angle installations.

The WSP Series also is ideal with the Clenergy Black Railing, which has the same level of anodisation.

The Gemini Series

The Gemini Series is WINAICO first step into split cell technology. The New WSP model, nicknamed the stubby by Sean, is a installer focused module used to maximise the solar potential for customers.

Changes to the Solar Industry and Regulation

A lot has changed since 2012 and Sean and Blair go over some of the big changes of the solar industry in Australia. Looking at how the CEC regulated the industry and how manufacturers went bust are a few of the topics covered.

Cell Technology Innovations

As commercial solar modules begin reaching their maximum efficiency, new design techniques are required to improve efficiency. Using reflective ribbons is just one way WINAICO has improved the efficiency of our new solar modules.

The following image is a depiction what Sean was shown by Blair during the interview above. The rounded reflective ribbons help WINAICO boost the power of our modules. It  The curved ribbon allows light to reflect into the surface of the silicon, as shown by the two splitting lights from the laser.

Almost all other manufacturers use flat or rectangular ribbons that redirect light away from the cell entirely.  This improves the overall efficiency over the entirety of the module.


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