Case Study: Nullarbor Roadhouse’s Off-Grid Fast Charger

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May 26, 2024


The Nullarbor Roadhouse, a renowned stopover on one of the world’s most iconic journeys, now hosts a much-anticipated 75kW off-grid fast charger. This development is part of a broader initiative by the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA) to enhance electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure across regional South Australia and Australia. Supported by the Australian federal government’s $78.6 million Driving the Nation Fund. WINAICO Australia is proud to be part of this charger build, which marks a significant milestone in the country’s transition to sustainable transportation.

Project Overview

The Nullarbor facility, equipped with Tritium fast chargers, is the second off-grid fast charger to become operational under the NRMA’s initiative. The Tesla Owners Club of Western Australia confirmed the commissioning of these chargers on their social media, highlighting the project’s progress.

Linked Group‘s innovative mounting structured design is built in a fully off-grid PV manufacturing facility in Mackay and delivered fully assembled and tested to site. “It’s great to be working with Great companies like Winaico and Pixii to deliver our innovative rapid deployment solar-powered EV charging stations. All possible because of the great support from NRMA and the Federal Government to deliver EV charging Infrastructure across this vast nation.” Said Jason Sharam, the General Manager of Linked Group.

This setup is powered by WINAICO 525W Bifacial solar panels, which can be installed Australia-wide due to exceeding testing standards for cyclones, salt mist, hail, fire and ammonia.

It also included a battery storage system and a backup generator to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply, essential for the remote location of the Nullarbor Roadhouse. This installation is part of a series of standalone systems designed to link South Australia and Western Australia, supplementing the existing slower AC-charging systems.

Key Features and Benefits

Sustainable Energy Supply
The WINAICO solar panels on site, coupled with battery storage and a backup generator, provide a sustainable and reliable energy solution for the fast chargers. Built to withstand some of Australia’s toughest conditions, these panels also come with a 25-year product and performance warranty ensuring the return on investment is guaranteed over the long term.

Enhanced EV Infrastructure
The installation at the Nullarbor Roadhouse is part of a broader network of fast charging stations being rolled out across South Australia. This network includes locations such as Border Village, Burra, Ceduna, Coober Pedy, Coorabie, Glendambo, Kimba, Marla, Mount Gambier, Pimba, Port Augusta, Port Gibbon, Port Pirie, Port Wakefield, Wudinna, and Yunta/Manna Hill.

Project Impact

Carly Irving-Dolan, CEO of NRMA Energy, emphasized the importance of this project, stating, “Nullarbor is our second standalone power system, and we’re proud to be delivering this world-first technology to better connect Australians.”

The addition of fast chargers at the Nullarbor Roadhouse not only supports the transition to electric vehicles but also showcases the potential of off-grid, renewable energy solutions in remote areas. This project demonstrates how sustainable technology can be integrated into essential infrastructure, paving the way for a greener future.


The successful commissioning of the 75kW off-grid fast charger at Nullarbor Roadhouse marks a significant achievement in Australia’s journey towards sustainable transportation. By leveraging solar power, battery storage, and innovative technology, this project sets a benchmark for future EV infrastructure developments. As more charging stations come online, Australia’s EV network will continue to grow, offering drivers greater convenience and supporting the country’s environmental goals.

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