Can a solar panel withstand a cyclone?

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September 11, 2023

In the dynamic realm of PV technology, glass-glass modules are ushering in a new era of solar innovation with their unique advantages and groundbreaking breakthroughs that are gaining prominence, particularly in challenging installation conditions.

One of the most enduring and compelling attributes of glass-glass solar panels is their unparalleled resilience in the face of even the harshest conditions. The newfound advancements in thin glass raise concerns about potential brittleness. However, for various parts of the world, the robustness of glass-glass bifacial modules remains a fundamental requirement.

This raises the question: Can a solar panel withstand the brute force of a cyclone? 

As the demand for renewable energy solutions grows, the resilience of solar panels in extreme weather conditions becomes paramount. The answer lies not only in the quest for innovative designs but also in rigorous testing that pushes the boundaries of what solar panels can endure.

One of the frontrunners in this arena is Winaico, a trailblazing solar panel manufacturer that has taken on the challenge head-on. With the release of their High-Efficiency Bifacial commercial modules in September 2023, Winaico embarked on a journey to prove the mettle of their technology in the face of cyclonic forces. 

Collaborating with Structural Engineering Consultants Australia (SECA) Pty Ltd, Winaico subjected their WST-525NGX-D3 modules to intense testing conditions in Darwin, Australia. The focus was on evaluating the panels’ ability to withstand significant vertical design loads – a simulation of the immense pressure that cyclones exert on structures.

The results of this testing were nothing short of impressive. Winaico’s modules showcased exceptional strength under test pressures of 8.5 kPa, with the panels certified for a design pressure of 5.82 kPa. This achievement is a testament to the engineering excellence behind these solar panels.

What does this mean for regions susceptible to cyclones, such as those falling under the “Cyclonic” (Region C) and “Severe cyclonic” (Region D) categories? The successful cyclone testing of Winaico’s modules offers a promising solution. These panels are well suited for commercial buildings over three floors high, ensuring that solar installations in these areas remain robust and dependable, even in the face of extreme weather events.

The significance of this achievement stretches beyond the panels’ structural integrity. It showcases the solar industry’s relentless pursuit of resilience and innovation. Winaico’s successful cyclone testing stands as a beacon of hope for renewable energy advocates, reinforcing the notion that solar panels can indeed stand strong even in the face of nature’s fury.

As the world grapples with climate change and its associated challenges, the ability of solar panels to withstand cyclones is not just a technical achievement – it’s a testament to the transformative power of technology, driving us toward a more sustainable future.

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